SG GSC Accelerator Programme, Catalyst:

Catalyst is SG GSC’s 10-week Accelerator programme run in collaboration with NASSCOM, wherein the selected start-ups work on theme based business challenges with guidance, coaching and mentoring from SG GSC's experienced subject matter experts on diverse business areas.

In the first cycle of Catalyst which ended in July 2016, innovative solutions were co-created with 8 Fintech startups in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Visualization, Sentiment Analysis and Voice to System Transcription.

Some of the promising solutions are being explored for next stage integration into main-stream. The next cycle of Catalyst is underway with a focus on Chatbots, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis.


To position SG GSC as a centre for innovation, SG GSC runs a number of COEs in the following areas:


Big Data

Machine Learning

Big Data CoE

The Big Data CoE in SG GSC is designed to position itself as a centre for innovation in the journey to make SG a data driven organisation deriving intelligence from both traditional (within the enterprise) and new age data sources like social and professional media.

Blockchain CoE:

The Blockchain CoE, would compare various available frameworks like Multichain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Intel Sawtooth, R3 Corda, X-Notes and Ripple to deliver the perfect synergy. The CoE would partner with business lines to co-develop solutions where Blockchain, could be a good fitment. An internal start-up called “archis” is run from this CoE, that aims to solve challenges in the insurance domain, using Blockchain.

Machine Learning CoE

The machine learning CoE is designed to bring strategic advantage to the bank by:

  • Delivering ML business solutions along with BL partners
  • Building strong technical ML skills within GSC through partnership with an evolved external ecosystem, providing platforms and through professional training
  • Being the first choice for ML experts for SG group