Societe Generale made its advent in India in 1978, with the establishment of a Representative Office in Delhi. SG opened its first full-fledged banking branch in Mumbai in 1985 following the closure of the Representative Office, and opened a second branch in Delhi, in 1993.

Operating under the license of a Scheduled Commercial Bank in India, Societe Generale offers a broad range of banking facilities and services from Customer Deposits and plain vanilla Working Capital Loans, Term Loans, Trade Finance and Corporate FX to more sophisticated Investment Banking products such as Structured Finance and Derivatives.

Services such as Correspondent Banking, Offshore Energy Hedging and Commodity Derivatives are also made available to Indian banks and clients. Joint ventures and subsidiaries play a paramount role in SG India's strategy.

The following entities were formed as joint ventures and subsidiaries in India, including SG Global Solution Centre:

Societe Generale Securities, India branch

Active in stock broking services since 1997, offering : Execution and Clearing services , DMA and Algo trading facility to the clients (as permitted within the regulatory framework), Co-location facility to clients and Research offering . Clients include - Foreign Portfolio Investors (formerly FIIs, sub-accounts) and Domestic Institutional Investors.

SBI Mutual Fund, India

Develops savings solutions to meet the needs of over six million retail customers in India, and proposes tailor-made investment management capacities to domestic and foreign Institutional Investors.

There are six million Retail and Institutional Domestic Investors and six Overseas Institutional Clients.

ALD Automotive

The Car Leasing and Fleet management subsidiary of the group, headquartered at Mumbai and present all over the country, has more than 10500 cars on the road and is a leader in its market. ALD has been operating in India for the last 10 years managing a fleet in 250 locations across the country.

SBI-SG Global Securities Services Pvt. Ltd

Deals with both foreign and domestic investors — including Foreign Institutional Investor (FII), Foreign Venture Capital Investor (FVCI), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs), and domestic clients like Financial Institutions (FI), Mutual Funds (MF), Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Banks and Corporates. A state-of-the-art system and application exist to support its wide spectrum of clients / activities.


Is a derivatives broker and its core business comprises futures and options on listed financial and commodity markets. It has developed its business to be a world leader in execution and clearing Equity Broking Services in India.